Beginning with the ATLAS dataset

I’m trying to get started with Atlas dataset, using their git repository of code files fro analysis and plotting of data.
I’m using these commands, I have only downloaded a few data/mc file (only for this particular analysis)

python -a TTbarAnalysis
python Configurations/

Runscript command is running fine but the second command is giving these errors

/Downloads/root$ python Configurations/
Drawing plot: jet_pt
Error in <TFile::TFile>: file results/data_Egamma.root does not exist
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 116, in <module>
    main( sys.argv[1:] )
  File "", line 112, in main
    DrawPlot(configuration, histogram)
  File "", line 82, in DrawPlot
    Paintables = collectPaintables(configuration["Paintables"])
  File "", line 17, in collectPaintables
    elif "data"  in key: paintables["data"]  = Paintable.DataPaintable("data", definition["data"]) 
  File "/home/Downloads/root/Plotting/", line 90, in __init__
  File "/home/Downloads/root/Plotting/", line 94, in createPaintable
    self.datahist = self.getContribution(self.definition, False) 
  File "/home/Downloads/root/Plotting/", line 35, in getContribution
    hist = DB.getHistogram(subcontribution, doScaling)
  File "/home/Downloads/root/Plotting/", line 35, in getHistogram
    return getHistogram(subcontribution, doScaling)
  File "/home/Downloads/root/Plotting/", line 38, in getHistogram
    hist = rootFiles[subcontribution].Get(config["HistLocation"]).Clone()
ReferenceError: attempt to access a null-pointer

ROOT Version: Not Provided
Platform: Not Provided
Compiler: Not Provided

you should rather ask the author(s) of that git repository.