Beginner in ROOT - How to output all of a Branch's values for a single event

Hello all,

I’ve been using pyROOT for quite some time, however I am now looking into display some of my data using EVE event display so the time has come for me to dive into C. I’m definitely a beginner so sorry if this is an easy question!

I have a Tree with 50,000 events that has the branches p_px, p_py, p_pz, and p_E, with 6 particles per event. I am able to access the individual branches, however I am having a lot of trouble accessing the branch’s individual data points found in each event. I’ve been running myself in circles trying different methods, but so far I haven’'t been able to make anything work.

My code so far for reference:

void C_testing() {
    TFile file("file.root");
    TTree* tree = (TTree*)file.Get("tree.root");

    TBranch *px_branch = tree->GetBranch("p_px");
    TBranch *py_branch = tree->GetBranch("p_py");
    TBranch *pz_branch = tree->GetBranch("p_pz");
    TBranch *E_branch = tree->GetBranch("p_E");

My end goal is to specify an event number and output 6 separate TLorentzVector objects. Any advice, examples I can use, or good resources would be greatly appreciated!


ROOT Version: 6.12/07
Platform: Linux
Compiler: Unsure

Hi Sam,

Welcome to the ROOT forum!

I’d suggest the TTreeReader API to get the values. Have a look at the second example. The TTreeReaderArray can give you access to the values of the individual particles in every event.


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