BDT with different cuts for different eras


In our analysis we have simulated the signal (and the background) for different (2016, 2017 and 2018) LHC eras. For each LHC era we have a set of signal and background files. We would like to know if a given cut can have different thresholds depending on the input files,

cut > 0.23 // When simulation corresponds to 2016
cut > 0.12 // When simulation corresponds to 2017
cut > 0.41 // When simulation corresponds to 2018

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Yes you can, but you have to use the general interface (link):

TTree * sigTree2016 = input_file.Get("SignalTree");
TTree * sigTree2017 = input_file.Get("SignalTree");

TMVA::DataLoader dataloader{"base_name"};

// NOTE: This is the most general way of adding an input source
// NOTE: Be careful with spelling, for classification the two
//       predefined categories are "Signal" and "Background".
dataloader.AddTree(sigTree2016, "Signal", sigWeight2016, "<your cut>");
dataloader.AddTree(sigTree2017, "Signal", sigWeight2017, TCut("<your cut>")););

// Similar for background


Thank you! I will try and let you know.

Cheers, Jonatan