Basic question: ROOT on a Mac

Hi, everyone!
I just installed ROOT and am trying to get the hang of it. I’ve noticed that a lot of canvas manipulation involves right-clicking. Since that doesn’t work on a Mac (and CTRL-click isn’t working), I’ve been using alternatives, such as the editor and typed commands, but I know clicking would be easier. Is there a way to do this on a Macbook? Or should I just go buy a mouse?

Thanks so much,

Hi Sylvia,

If you click on the pad with two fingers you should see the same behavior as with a right-click.


Thank you so much, Philippe! Such a simple solution, but one that I wouldn’t have figured out on my own!

All the best,

Generally it is option-click in a Macbook rather than ctrl-click that mimics a Windows rt-click.

Ctrl + Clicking isn’t working check this article how Ctrl + click works