Basic Minuit question

I’m a Minuit newbie trying to set up my first minimization. I must say some of the details are difficult to grasp with the available documentation.

I’ve set up the example found in test/minexam.cxx but with my own function fcnk0.

When I get to minuit->mnexcm(“CALL FCN”, p1, 1, ierflg);
where I have set p1 and ierflg as in the example, I get a
*** Break *** bus error

It would be helpful if I knew what the parameters in p1 are used for when executing “CALL FCN”. I found in another post that says p1 is used differently based on the desired command, but I can not find anything that describes how the values of p1 are used for “CALL FUNC”.



Google for “minuit documentation long writeup” and follow the
links .