Basic includes for using Root classes in own application

Hello Rooters,

being pretty new to C++ I have found Root and want to use it to visualize some HEP-Data. Everything works fine, the user guide is really(!) excellent, but now I have two questions:

I would like to use some Root-classes in a standalone application, which I am writing to accompany some lectures (visualizing and playing around with HEP experiments). But I cannot expect every student to install the Root environment, so I would just like to include the necessary classes from Root into my project.
[ul]What do I have to include, to use the basic graphical Root classes (TCanvas,…)?
How do I find out the easiest, what to include for certain extra classes (TH**,…)?[/ul]
I could just include all of Root, but I want this to stay fairly small, and as it doesn’t use most of Root (like CINT etc.), this might be possible?

Thanks a lot (also for this fine framework!),


I think that it is a bad idea to install only a subset of ROOT. For sure this will be a big source of confusion for your students.
For example, you always need the libCore and libCint libraries. A simple way to link your own application is to do
g++ -o myapp mypapp.cxx root-config --cflags --glibs

Extracting a subset of the ROOT classes is the best way to be stuck with old versions of the system and it will be become gradually more and more difficult to synchronize with the latest version.


Ok, I guess you are right.
Thanks for the hints, Frank