Bash Coding

I am new to the forum. I am a little lost trying to code this bash script to do the following:

find all words in a string that satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Contains characters a - z, A - Z, digits 0 - 9, or underscore
  2. Starts with a capital letter A - Z
  3. Has at least one digit 0 - 9

Any character that does not fit the first condition can be used to separate distinct words.

Use regular expression(s) to search.

The string will be input manually

This is what I have:

while read LINE; do
for word in $LINE; do
if word =~ ^[0-9a-z_A-Z]+ && $word =~ ^[A-Z] && $word =~ [0-9] ;then
echo “$word”;

This is the output and error:

Test Input:

Theory Lab_99 society Imagi4nation

Expected Output:

Lab_99 Imagi4nation

Your Output:



/tmp/ line 3: Theory: command not found
/tmp/ line 3: Lab_99: command not found
/tmp/ line 3: society: command not found
/tmp/ line 3: Imagi4nation: command not found

Anyone have suggestions. This is bash v5.1

You will have better luck checking on a bash scripting forum (or just using google or any search engine), not on a ROOT forum like this :slight_smile: Anyway, maybe google for “grep regex”.