Bad filling in a RooPlot

model->plotOn(frame,  Name(Form("erfc%d_%s",_count,pdf.Data())) , Components(Form("erfc%d_",_count)), Precision(1e-6), DrawOption("LF"), FillColor(kGreen+4), LineStyle(1), LineColor(kGreen+4), LineWidth(2));

This line(of code) fails miserably to fill the given curve (but draws it correctly). Other similar lines (of code) accounting other components of my model work just fine. Has anyone faced a similar issue and know how to resolve it?

Hello @henrique_legoinha ,

welcome to the ROOT forum and sorry for the high latency!
Could you please provide a self-contained minimal reproducer that we can run in order to debug the issue?

@jonas might know more, let’s ping him.