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Back to redirecting the command line output to a file: how to use the command line history buffer?

Dear ROOT developers,

in ROOT v6, the format of the command redirecting the command line output to a file has been changed. As a result, when I’m using ROOT v6 and redirecting the output to a file with ‘.> a.txt’ command, I’m no longer able to use the command line history buffer and the up arrow key to extract one of the previously executed commands and re-execute it, now - directing its output to a file. When I press the up arrow key, I’m getting a usual garbled printout of the up arrow character…

I presume I have something not configured properly in my session environment, which prevents the use of the command line history buffer when the CL output is redirected to a file.

Any suggestion on what that misconfigured option could be?

– thanks, Pasha

Hi Pasha,

Which OS, and which version of ROOT? I just tried on Windows and AFAICS it works fine

Cheers, Bertrand.

So after testing on different platforms it appears that the command redirection is broken on Linux and Mac. I created a Jira ticket for this issue. Thanks for reporting it Pasha!

Cheers, Bertrand

Hi Bertrand, thanks!

I apologize for not specifying the OS (Linux), glad you figured that out.

–I’ll remember to pay more attention to relevant details, thanks again, Pasha

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Hi Pasha,

You’re welcome! And no problem, don’t worry!

Cheers, Bertrand.

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