Axis zoom and TMarker

I’m overlaying a TH1F with a grid of points. I use TMarker to plot the points. When I zoom into the axis using the mouse, the TMarkers that are outside of the zoomed range are still being shown (in the margins). Is there a way to disable this behavior, or is it even a bug? See the code below to reproduce the problem.

I’m using ROOT 5.2400b on Linux.


  int xmin = 0;
  int xmax = 200;
  int ymin = 0;
  int ymax = 200;
  TCanvas *c = new TCanvas("c", "", 0,0,600,500);
  TH1F *hframe = (TH1F*)c->DrawFrame(xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax);
  for( int iy = ymin; iy< ymax; iy++ ){
    for( int ix = xmin; ix< xmax; ix++ ){
      TMarker *tm = new TMarker( ix, iy, 21 );
      tm->SetMarkerSize( 0.25 );

Zoom in using the mouse. The result is as shown in the attached image.

use a TGraph instead of individual TMarkers. TH1, TGraph are clipped at the frame bounday, not low level primitives loke TLine, TMarker.