Axis for HIstogram

I am superposing a bunch of 1-D histograms on a canvass, however, the range of the y-axis is not large enough so that most of the histograms go beyond the current y-axis scope. For example, some y values of the histograms are roughly 100000, but the current maximum y-axis value is only 5. Is there any way I can try to increase the scope of y-axis? PS: when I plot these histograms individually, the scope of y-axis works well.


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Assume “hist” is the pointer to your histogram with ymax=5
Then do:


That helps, thanks a lot!
I have one more question associated with my current stack of histograms. There have been only two TPaveStats:: stats objects (indicating the mean and RMS of a histogram) of two different histograms shown on the right top corner of my canvass. But I actually draw five histograms together on the same canvass, so is there any way that i can impose the other three TPaveStats:: stats objects on the canvass as well?

Never mind, I figure out how to solve the issue! Thanks anyway.

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