Automatic generation of *.h, *.c


I have a stupid question.
Some time ago I was writing a root macro. Today I noticed that some files with extension .h and .c have been generated automatically in the same folder.
As I figured out they contain a very useful information. So in .h files all variables are already defined and .c is skeleton for writing a new macro.

.h starts with
// This class has been automatically generated on
// Wed Jan 30 19:47:38 2008 by ROOT version 5.16/00
// from TTree CollectionTree/CollectionTree
// found on file: trig1_misal1_csc11.005401.SU1_jimmy_susy.recon.NTUP.v12000601_tid006491._00001.root

Could you please explain what are those(how can I get it) and where can I read more information about it?

Thank you a lot!


These files are generated by the code generators TTree::MakeClass or MakeProxy