Automatic file generation of root pictures

I am drawing many (~100) simultaneous pictures in root via the ::Draw() member functions, each onto its own canvas. I would then like to save each resulting canvas to file for presentation purposes (say, in gif format for Powerpoint presentations). However, having to manually run through the File -> Save As sequence for 100 canvases takes some serious time.

Is there anyway to have root automatically save picture results to a user-specified filename of a user-specified format (e.g. gif)? Note that I do not want to create canvases with multiple pads to display plots (even though this would admittedly decrease the number of saves that I have to do); I want only one plot per canvas.

Thanks so much,


use TCanvas::SaveAs(Form(“plot%d.gif”,i));

Thanks so much! Works like a charm! (And saves me hours!)