This test seems like it should be passing, but is marked XFAIL.
Is there a reason I’m missing?


I get

/usr/bin/python2.7 /home/axel/build/cling/cling-all-in-one/cling-all-in-one/src/utils/lit/ --param cling_site_config=/home/axel/build/cling/cling-all-in-one/cling-all-in-one/cmake/tools/cling/test/ --param cling_unit_site_config=/home/axel/build/cling/cling-all-in-one/cling-all-in-one/cmake/tools/cling/test/Unit/ --param build_config=. --param build_mode= -sv -a Autoloading/Fail.C lit.cfg:239: note: using cling: '/home/axel/build/cling/cling-all-in-one/cling-all-in-one/cmake/./bin/./cling'
XFAIL: Cling :: Autoloading/Fail.C (1 of 1)
cat /mnt/a/build/cling/cling-all-in-one/cling-all-in-one/src/tools/cling/test/Autoloading/Fail.C | /home/axel/build/cling/cling-all-in-one/cling-all-in-one/cmake/./bin/./cling --nologo -I /mnt/a/build/cling/cling-all-in-one/cling-all-in-one/src/tools/cling/test/Autoloading -Xclang -verify
Exit Code: 1

Command Output (stderr):
error: 'error' diagnostics seen but not expected: 
  File /mnt/a/build/cling/cling-all-in-one/cling-all-in-one/src/tools/cling/test/Autoloading/FunctionTemplate.h Line 2: redefinition of default argument
error: 'note' diagnostics seen but not expected: 
  File /mnt/a/build/cling/cling-all-in-one/cling-all-in-one/src/tools/cling/test/Autoloading/FakeFwd.h Line 2: previous definition is here


Testing Time: 0.74s
  Expected Failures  : 1

IIRC ROOT (or more precisely ROOT-patches in clang) can handle it, cling (-patches) can not.

What’s your output?

Cheers, Axel.

I’m passing, but the clang I’m using is based of ROOT-patches.

Yep, there we go :slight_smile:


So the test is a verification that cling was built without root specific patches?


No :slight_smile: It’s a failing test that relied on a patch in clang to work for ROOT. IIRC Vassil didn’t like that patch in cling-patches but wanted to have the failure noted down - and that’s what we have now: works for ROOT, fails for cling.

The whole forward decl business can be retired once we have modules - and Vassil is making lots of progress there!

Cheers, Axel.