Athena with local root version - library map empty


I would like to run athena with a local root version 5.14 (not the default version of athena which is 5.10). Root locks if I try to open an NTuple made with my joboptions file, so I figure I need a newer root version.

I get the following ROOT error message:

Error in TCint::LoadLibraryMap: library map empty, no system.rootmap file
found. ROOT not properly installed (run “make install”).
Error: cannot open /home/scratch/maikenp/root/cint/MAKEINFO
!!! There are examples of MAKEINFO files under /home/scratch/maikenp/root/cint/platform/ !!!
Please refer to these examples and create for your platform
Error: cannot open /home/scratch/maikenp/root/cint/MAKEINFO
!!! There are examples of MAKEINFO files under /home/scratch/maikenp/root/cint/platform/ !!!

It seems I have not managed to install root properly? I can do
and use root, though.

I downloaded the tared binary version and untarred it

Is that all I have to do?

I have gcc version:
gcc version 3.2.3
and 5.14 root should go good with this, right?

Help appreciated!

You did set ROOTSYS to point to /home/scratch/maikenp/root did you? Is there a system.rootrc file in $ROOTSYS/etc?

Cheers, Fons

Yes, my ROOTSYS is set in a setup file:

export ROOTSYS=/home/scratch/maikenp/root
export PATH=$ROOTSYS/bin:$PATH

I have to comment out the last export statement, it does not seems to work, and I was told not to use it…

I have in my .bashrc file:


Do I need to download the source instead of the binary, do you think?


do you see the file $ROOTSYS/system.rootrc? Also you should have the export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ROOTSYS/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Cheers, Fons.

Sorry, forgot to reply that I have the system.rootrc file

If I uncomment the lib path I get a segmentation violation when running athena.

Maybe I should direct my questions to an athena support rather than a ROOT support?

The reason I want to use a local version of root is that if I make Ntuples using athenas 12.0.7 default root which is 5.10 as far as I know, I cannot open my Ntuples. Maybe the solution is to create them with the old version and open them with the new…

I will try that in the mean-time.

Thanks! Any more tips would be appreciated!


Yes, try Athena support.

– Fons

Thanks so far :slight_smile: