Asymmetric SetBinError for TH1F (April, 2008)

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In the following topic, the subject of asymmetric errors for TH1F is addressed. However, this topic is dated Jan 19, 2002. … /0249.html

Does the current version of ROOT support histograms with asymmetric errors? I cannot find anything in the current source code for TH1F…

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no changes. Use TGraphAsymmErrors.
You can easily build a TGraphAsymmErrors from a TH1* hist with

TGraphAsymmErrors g(hist)

Hi Rene,

Thank you for your quick reply.

I was able to build a TGraphAsymmErrors from a TH1* hist with no problem. However, ultimately I need to pass the TH1 to a RooDataHist, which I will then fit with a RooAddPdf.

I don’t see anything in the RooDataHist source code which gives me any idea how to do this. I only see the option to pass a TH1* object, not a TGraphAsymmErrors.

Is there a way around this?

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I might be able to help here, but I am slightly confused by what you want.

Do you want to construct a RooDataHist from a TGraphAsymErrors,
or do you want to do the reverse? The latter is already possible, the
former is not, but is fairly easy to add for me.


Hi Wouter,

I would like to construct a RooDataHist from a TGraphAsymErrors. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Pablo,

I’ll add support for that. It should be available next week.


Thank you very much!!

Hello Wouter,
Currently is possible construct a RooDataHist from a TGraphAsymErrors? I dont know how to do this

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