Asymmetric errors in 2D histogram

I have a 2-dimensional histogram where each bin of this 2D histogram is representing the efficiency. I also have asymmetric lower and upper values of errors on the efficiency. Now, my question is that can I set this asymmetric error to each bin for each value of efficiency? If yes, How? I couldn’t find any function such as SetBinErrorLow or High.
Thanks in Advance!

You could use ROOT: TGraph2DErrors Class Reference with equi-spaced points

Hello @ferhue,

Thanks for your suggestion. I had tried this but, it is not solving my purpose. I want to have a 2-dimensional map only. Is there any way I can reduce TGraph2DErrors to a 2D map?

Can you draw in a paper what you want to do and scan it and post it here?
You cannot draw 3 dimensions (value, errorlow, errorhigh) with a color map.

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