Asymmetric Error bars?

Hi, i have dates that have asymmetric error bars and i’m trying to transform this part of code in a graph that involves asymmetric errors without success. How can i do?

TGraphAsymmErrors or TGraphBentErrors

Hi, thank you for the answer but i have already tried with asymmErrors and it gaves me various errors.
Here there is the program. Thank you

costante.c (3.2 KB)

Int_t n = sizeof(freq) / sizeof(freq[0]); TGraphAsymmErrors *gGf = new TGraphAsymmErrors(n,freq,V,Errfreq,Errfreq2,ErrV,ErrV3); gGf->SetMarkerSize(0.2); // make very small errors clearly visible

Do i have to use any class? Because root continues to give me errors .

I get no problems but you may miss: #include "TGraphAsymmErrors.h"

It works, thank you :smiley:

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