AstroROOT does not work


I have some starting problems with AstroRoot:

I have ROOT-Version 5.18 and the latest AstroROOT.
I just installed AstroROOT but cannot even get the tutorial-files to run.
I copied all files and try to compile for example image.display.C in the root int:

.L image_display.C+

When I do so, I get a lot of warnings and probably some errors and the compiling failes.

when I try to only load the script
(with #include “astroImage.h”):

.L image_display.C

I get the following error:

Warning: Unknown type ‘std::vector<Bool_t>::reference’ in function argument handled as int /opt/root/include/TFFormat.h:56:
Limitation: Reference member not supported. Please use pointer /opt/root/include/TFColWrapper.h:23:
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

Does anybody have an idea where the problem might be?

I’m using ubuntu 7.10 (same Problems occur on a ubuntu 8.04 machine of my collegue)

nerver mind,

I have to start


instead of


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