ASK help for searching ROOT sources?

Sorry to bother you, I am a graduate student and I am looking for information about ROOT for research. The manual on the official website is very complete. I have studied it in general. The manual explains how to use it in detail, but the information I am looking for is like, What types does ROOT support(int ,float)? I want to compare with HDF5 . Is there any teacher who has done a survey and can send some reference documents? Thank you very much

Apart from ROOT’s built-in typedefs, you can use (almost?) any C/C++ type you want (including your own classes).

Comparing data storage formats: ShieldSquare Captcha

Also of note might be a recent comparison of RNTuple (“TTree v2.0”) and other data formats that was performed as part of ACAT 2021 (29 November 2021 - 3 December 2021): RNTuple Performance: Status and Outlook · Indico (presented more in depth at 121st ROOT Parallelism, Performance and Programming Model Meeting (17 February 2022) · Indico ).

For writing your own C++ classes with ROOT, see I/O of custom classes - ROOT and Trees - ROOT .

I hope this helps!

the benchmarks that compare RNTuple and HDF5 are open source, @jalopezg can probably give further details if needed.

Thanks for referencing, @eguiraud! FYI, @jblomer.

@KUN You can find the benchmarks here iotools/compare at ACAT21 · jalopezg-r00t/iotools · GitHub.

HDF5 benchmarks rely on an internal C++ header-only library that decouples the data schema from its low-level representation; this way we can try different layouts without modifying the benchmark code. A PR is open to integrate this into rootbench; see Import header-only library to read/write simple HEP data in HDF5 by jalopezg-r00t · Pull Request #251 · root-project/rootbench · GitHub.

You can also open a ROOT terminal and write:

It will show you all available types.