Arrow plot characteristics

Hi all,
I have an application for using the Arrows feature of 2 D drawing. I’ve looked into the archives and haven’t found out anything about manipulating the characteristics of the arrows drawn.

Has anyone else encountered this and have hints?

I’m also interested long term in pursuing a 3 dimensional version.


Hi Chris,

Which kind of options do you want to see with the “Arrows” option?

Do I understand that you are volunteer to implement a 3-d version.
This would be very interesting. Let us know if you succeed.


Hi Rene,
I got a bit sidetracked for awhile. I’d like to be able to control the line width and size of the arrow heads.

Well, on the 3D part I was fishing for anyone who might have done it, but I will try. I have no specific timeline other than within 3 months.