Arrays in TLeaves


I have a TLeaf containing an array of the type int[96][11][4] for each entry.
There is any way to put again the specific leaf for the specific entry in an array make an operation like

int myBuffer[96][11][4];
memcpy(myBuffer, somePointerToMyLeaf, sizeof(myBuffer));

or i have to do cycle on all the elements using a sort of

*** here i took my leaf setting the entry too***
*** then…
int myBuffer[96][11][4];
for (…){
myBuffer[i][j][k] = MyLeaf->GetValue(ijk) ?

int* array = (int*)leaf->GetValuePointer();

or better set the branch address to point directly to your array
and read in this array bia TTree::GetEntry or TBranch::GetEntry