Array of functions PyROOT

ROOT version: 6.06.08/x86_64-slc6-gcc49-opt

Hi, I’m wondering how I can create an array of functions in python using root. I want to something like this:

for i in range(tothist.GetXaxis().GetNbins()):
temp1 = ROOT.TF1(“f1”,“function([0],[1],[2],[3]”,-40,40)
array[i] = temp1

How can this be done? Using numpy, it wont accept as it is not a number nor a string.

How about something like this:

array = []
for i in range(tothist.GetXaxis().GetNbins()):
    array[-1].SetParameter(0, a)

It helped, thanks :slight_smile:

Do you also know an easy way to compute the sum of this array such that I get a TF1 function like

Totalfunction = sum(array)


You may try a list comprehension:

def total_f(x): return sum([ f(x) for f in array ])

or something similar to that.

That does seem to return a function, however I cant draw it, it says:
‘function’ object has no attribute ‘Draw’

It seems it is no longer a TF1 object
Any suggestions?

Any reason why you need one function per point? Why not make a single function that iterates on the whole vector if you want the sum of all values at the end? I don’t know an easy way to create a TF1 out of a vector of TF1s.

Actually I only need the sum of the functions to get one function, so that might be a better suggestion. I’m new to programming, so I figured the other way would be the easiest to accomplish this. However I’m not quite sure how this needs to be done.

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