Array of Double32_t

Hi experts,
I am trying to understand the method of giving precision to Double32_t.

The documentation has something like

class foo{
Double32_t     fVertex[3]      //[-30,30,10]   Case D
Int_t          fNsp;                  // Case F
Double32_t*    fPointValue;   //[fNsp][0,3]

And the following comments
"In case D the array elements of fVertex are converted to an unsigned 10 bits integer"

“In case F the fNsp elements of array fPointvalue are converted to an unsigned 32 bit integer. Note that the range specifier must follow the dimension specifier.”

But the range given for case D has negative numbers. Also it is unclear to me how the [0,3] indicates a 32 bit unsigned integer, or how I might modify this comment to, e.g. denote a signed integer.


the formulation might be tricky but the sign is correctly preserved.