Applying two options in the chi square evaluation

Dear experts,

I need to calculate the chi-square between two MC (weighted) histograms. And I want the value of the chi-square. Following the documentation here:

I tried something like:

h1.Chi2Test(h2,“CHI2”, “WW”)`

But it didn’t work, it returns me the error: “could not convert argument 3”. So, how can I do this?

And can I apply the test just to some interval instead of the whole histogram?

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There is only one Option_t argument in Chi2Test, so you need to put all options within the same quotations, e.g. h1.Chi2Test(h2, "CHI2 WW").

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That solved the problem, thank you!

But, there is a way to calculate the chi square only in a certain region of the histograms?