Applying constraints on Roo2DKeysPdf fit

Hi Rooters,

I am fitting mES and DeltaE with Roo2DKeysPDF
, and so that the PDF does’nt fall to 0 at boudaries, I apply the
"mirror" option.

But the projection of the fit
shows that such option should only be activated on some “side” of the
plot, as the kinematic constraint in mES in not taken into account then … Bqqbar.eps

Is there a similar way to “Mirrorleft” - “MirrorRight” as in RooKeysPdf ?



P.S. : my code for fitting

RooRealVar mES ( “mES”,"",5.200,5.300,"");
RooRealVar deltaE ( “deltaE”,"",-0.350,0.280,"");
TString fileAscii = “genericBB.ascii”;
RooDataSet *dataset = RooDataSet::read( fileAscii, RooArgList( mES,
deltaE ) );
Roo2DKeysPdf * pdf = new Roo2DKeysPdf ( “pdf”, “”, mES, deltaE,
dataset, “m” , 2. );
r = pdf->fitTo( *dataset,“qrm” );

Hi Xavier,

There is no such option at the moment. I intend to replace both RooKeysPdf and Roo2DKeysPdf with a generic n-dimensional Keys PDF this summer, which will
provide control at this level of detail.