Apply style (bold, color) to strings

I just would like to know how to change font once or twice in a program.
For example, I create some TGGroupFrame in my application and I would like some of them to have a bolded font, or a different color font.
I do it as follow :

ttreeRight = new TGGroupFrame(this,"TTree output",kVerticalFrame); AddFrame(ttreeRight,new TGLayoutHints(kLHintsNoHints,5,5,5,1));
And I would like to get the title “TTree output” bolded.

Thanks in advance for help.

PS: I saw in tutorials/gui an example with TGLabel, but that’s not exactly what i’m looking for.



Just look at the class documentation, for example TGGroupFrame:SetTextColor, TGGroupFrame:SetTextFont and another TGGroupFrame:SetTextFont

Cheers, Bertrand.