Apply Kolmogorov comparisons to histograms of 2 separate .root files

Dear ROOT experts,
could you please give me a hint? I am trying to compare (with python) histograms from 2 different .root files having the same name.
file1.root contains some hundreds TH1 histos and file2.root also some hundreds of TH1 histos labelled as:

I want to establish Kolmogorov comparisons between histos of both files with the same name. This is, get the following value:
pKSbinned = h1f.KolmogorovTest(h2f,“D”)
taking into account that h1f belongs to file1, h2f belongs to file2 and both have the same name in each file. Could you please give me some hints to establish that comparison via python?

Thanks so much!!
ROOT Version: 6.27/01 for Centos8 and gcc8.5

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