Application of momentum resolution

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to apply momentum resolution on particle’s momentum calculated using a C++ code. For that I am using the following code line-
pmu= sqrt(pmuxpmux+pmuypmuy+pmuzpmuz) + rr.Gaus(0.,0.034(sqrt(pmuxpmux+pmuypmuy+pmuz*pmuz)));
here pmu is momentum of muon and I need to apply a momentum resolution of 3.4% for these muons which I have applied using rr.Gaus function. I am not very sure whether I have done it correctly, as I am not getting desired result. If anyone can suggest/comment whether its correct or not, that will be a great help.

Thank you
_ROOT Version: 5.34/38
Working on Scientific Linux

I think that you should post more information in order to get useful help. Maybe you could include how you retrieve px, py, pz, and the result you are getting now.


I have used GENIE(neutrino event generator) to generate neutrino-interaction events. The datafile that I get contains information like momenta of the particles i.e. their momentum in x, y and z direction as px, py and pz. I have then made a code to read the datafile and calculate the momentum of all the particles. But now I need to apply momentum resolution on various particles momenta, that is what I am trying to know. The above line of code is for muon, where pmux, pmuy pmuz are momentum of the muon in x,y,z directions respectively. Hope this gives an idea of my problem. Please let me know if more information is required.

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