Any upcoming ROOT workshops?

I’m new to ROOT and I’d like to attend a workshop/conference/introductory class in the near future to help get started. I haven’t had any luck finding anything on the web. Is there a list of upcoming events anywhere on the ROOT website? Can anyone suggest an event in the near future?

Chris Kunz

We did not fix yet the date of teh next ROOT workshop (typically every 16/18 months). Probably early 2007.
Anyhow, the ROOT workshops are not a place where you learn how to use ROOT. At the workshop, we discuss the recent major developments
and review the user experience and possible new requirements.

From the ROOT main page, you have pointers to some tutorials given in various places. You also have access to the slides
of the previous workshops.

You can also download slides used in some recent tutorials from
Look for instance at the subdirs “course-bo” and “course-pd”

It could be that we will organize tutorials at CERN for the LHC experiments
before the end of the year (typically 3 days)