Any tricks on editing the plots? Using mouse wheel to zoom in and out in a 3rd party software?

Hello all,

Yesterday I came across a fellow colleague using some interesting tricks when editing his plot, it felt like he was using a 3rd-party software (the GUI looked like Adobe Acrobat, or something closer) and can zoom in and out the plot quite conveniently using his mouse wheel. Unfortunately I was in a hurry and did not get the change to talk with him to find out the trick (and I do not know him, sadly), does anyone have any idea how did he do that?

Thanks a lot!

In your drawn canvas, try:
“main menu” -> View -> Editor
“main menu” -> View -> Toolbar

Hi Wile,

Ah thanks for your response! Yeah I knew this can be done within canvas but since I am generating plots on remote machine (where opening ROOT GUI is not a very good idea) I am more curious in seeing if I can scale the y-axis “offline”, ie., in produced plots (maybe there is some special format can support this), which would be really nice since we often get comments like “could you zoom in the plot a little bit?”…

I guess, if you create and save your canvas in a ROOT file on your remote machine, you could then retrieve and edit it on your local machine.

You could also save it as a .C file for easy transfer and editing if saving as a ROOT file isn’t your style.

Hello All,

Yes I have been digging around but it seems the best option would be saving the canvas as a root file, so that you can edit it later on.

Thanks a lot!


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