Any news on the possibility to install Root 6 on windows systems?

Dear all,
I would like to know if there is / there will be the possibility to install Root 6 on Windows machine.


Leonello Servoli

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Hi Leonello,

Not yet. But don’t worry, it will be announced as soon as it is available!

Cheers, Bertrand.

Thanks, but is there any date foreseen? Any timeline ?
This is important to make some choices in our research group on the analysis tool to be used.


Sorry, but we cannot give any date. The Cling interpreter still doesn’t fully work on Windows, and once this is fixed, we will have to first build ROOT on Windows, and then make it running and passing all the tests…

Cheers, Bertrand.

It’s a pity. We will be forced soon to abandon root as analysis tool.

And what about using a Virtual Machine?

We want to perform real time analysis on an acquisition system forced to use Windows due to the lack of instrument’s drivers for other operating systems. And it would be much easier to have the analysis tool running on the same platform of the DAQ and the same platform of the notebooks of the group users (no, we do not use Mac or Linux for such devices).

Then you can run a Virtual Machine on that Windows platform and either share the disk (or a directory) with the VM, or read the file (or transfer data) via a socket…