Any advice about the measurement of recoiled proton spectrum by neutron with energy of 24 keV and higher

The devised detector is used to obtain recoiled proton spectrum by neutron with energy of 24 keV and higher, how to devise the proportional counter with lower threshold about around 10 keV?

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thanks for your question. @hschindl could you help here?


Hi @newconcept1979

This is not a technical question. I would guess that persons who want to answer need a bit more information about your physics application, required efficiency (or rather sensitivity) and on the problems you encountered so far. Out of my head I would not see a big difference between detecting the recoiled proton of a 24keV neutron with respect to a recoiled proton of a 10keV neutron and I would guess any type of MWPC would be able to detect this. Did you run any simulations with GEANT4 to make plots of the recoiled proton spectrum in either case?

If you / your institute is a member of the newly formed Detector R&D collaboration on gaseous detectors (DRD1), you could consider presenting your problem in one of the gaseous detector simulation meetings there.
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@Piet , your answer is helpful to me, and the recoiled proton spectrum was simulated by Geant4, Fluka, Mcnp, Phits too, all the results are good, but when measuring the spectrum, it is becoming difficult, because the electronics noise maybe be larger than the signal produced by the neutron with energy 24 keV and higher, so the question is how to suppress the noise on devising the detector?

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