Another RootX11ErrorHandler problem


I get the following error on running root:

Error in : BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied) (XID: 45, XREQ: 2).

I know, this is well known, but I tried the common suggestion setting this env variable:

root [1] gEnv->Print()
X11.FindBestVisual: no [User]

but that doesn’t solve it. My configuration:

ROOT 4.01/01 on Linux RH 7.2
X Display on a Solaris 9

visual id: 0x22
class: TrueColor
depth: 24 planes

I am not running any Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox at the same time.

Using ROOT 4.00/08 in exactly the same configuration works fine.

Any suggestions?

45 - is OpenFont …
somthing wrogm with fonts. More info required.

Regards. Valeriy

What type of info do you need?

which fonts cause such problem?
provide receipt to reproduce it, pls.