Another OpenGL / Windows Issure

Hi there again.

I have recently brought up an issue with open GL on windows in this thread: [url]GL change TH1 label color

There was another problem that I forgot to mention, namely this code:

auto img = TImage::Create(); img->FromPad( canvas);

returns blank (white) image if GL option is on.
I’m not sure if the change you made to the trunk to fix the label colors will fix that too?


This is a platform independent issue. TImage::FromPad() simply doesn’t work with OpenGL…

Cheers, Bertrand.

Oh! Alright.

So what I need is to compile a couple of graphs from different canvases together into one image, by appending them to each other.
So I did a work around…

What I basically do is:

canvasN->SaveAs(“tempN.png”, “png”);

where N is the iteration number though the canvases,
and then open the written images from disc, concatenate them and delete the temp files.

hmm I know it is terribly hacky but it works, do you think its the best way of doing it? :confused:

Well it depends what you mean by “compile a couple of graphs”… You can draw all the graphs in one canvas and then save this canvas as png

Cheers, Bertrand

Alright! Thank you!