Analyzing multiple trees and using PROOF


I’m analyzing a file with two trees and in my event loop I need to be able to access both trees. Right now I have written an analysis class which takes these trees in the constructor and instanciate MakeClass-ed classes from these two and running my own event loop. This works well but I’m wondering if there’s a more root way of doing this. I’m interested in running my jobs using PROOF and it appears that PROOF needs the analysis to be in the class generated by MakeSelector, which isn’t capable of handling multiple trees as is.

So is there a simple way of making my class to work with PROOF (is there any example?) or making MakeSelector to work with multiple trees?


Hi Akira,

to run on PROOF you have to use indeed the TSelector mechanism. However in the TSelector there are anough hooks to open the second tree that is needed. For example every time a new Tree is loaded on PROOF the TSelector::Notify() is called in which you could open the corresponding second tree.

Cheers, Fons.