Analysis NLO calculation using ROOT

hello,i using MadGraph Calculated some process to different PDF set members(in the NLO order level and Open paton shower ),after finished the calculation , I get some lhe file (for example the number of the pdf set member is 52) now i want to analysis differential cross section to different bin size (for example pesorapididty of the top quark 0-2.5).there are 52 lhe file , I have get root file (52),now i don’t know how to analysis these root file,if i analysis one root file ,i can ,but analysis these file is difficult for me , who encounter such problem before? how can i do ?is there a way that combine those root file ?

Dear ablikim,

You should first address your request to the MadGraph developers, who should explain you what the files contain and how to proceed for their analysis.
ROOT files can be combined (with the hadd tool) provided that the ROOT object stored in them are mergeable. Again, the MadGraph developers are the more indicated persons to answer.

G Ganis

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