An empty plot?

I would like to ask why I am receiving these warnings when running my macro interactively?

Warning in TFile::Init: file /atlas/users/abdelali/12.0.5/inputFiles/LArCaliWave_15553.root probably not closed, trying to recover
Info in TFile::Recover: /atlas/users/abdelali/12.0.5/inputFiles/LArCaliWave_15553.root, recovered key TTree:CALIWAVE at address 88116052
Warning in TFile::Init: successfully recovered 1 keys

Then the warning

Warning in TCanvas::ResizePad: Inf/NaN propagated to the pad. Check drawn objects.
Warning in TCanvas::ResizePad: c1 height changed from 0 to 10

and the produced graph is empty

[quote]Warning in TFile::Init: file /atlas/users/abdelali/12.0.5/inputFiles/LArCaliWave_15553.root probably not closed,[/quote]You are trying to read information from a file that has not been closed properly and/or has been corrupted. This probably lead to having no information available for your graph/histogram. Check how you produce your file.