AMD64 support

Hi ! I want to ask about amd64 support in ROOT . It is supported ? can there be problems regarding differences in long definitions ? (like to have different results from the same script that was used on a 32 bit platform and a 64 bit platform ) .Thank you

Yes it is supported.
To see the list of supported platforms when you install ROOT from source, do:
./configure --help

You will get a long list of supported platforms and the corresponding options. For AMD, you can choose
linuxx8664gcc for compiling with gcc
linuxx8664icc for compiling with the Intel icc compiler


In my previous post, I forgot to add that we have a data type Long64_t
(and ULong64_t) that guarantee 64 bits integers on all supported platforms.


Thank you very much! Thats also means that each particular use of ROOT ( like AliROOT and AliEn ) would function without any problems on an cluster of opterons ? I want to be sure and to use your answer against reluctance in face of new technology :slight_smile:))