Alpha simulate in Garfield++

Garfield++ can simulate the ionization of fast charged particles in gas
Can Garfiled++ simulate the ionization of alpha and the avalanche of electrons produced by the ionization of alpha , can TrackHeed class do this? or which class I should use?

By the way,What is the difference between Heed and Srim

To simulate the ionisation by α particles you can use TrackSrim or TrackTrim. You can find examples in the folder

Heed simulates the energy loss and ionisation by fast charged particles but its model is not applicable to heavily-ionising particles slowing down in the gas.

Thank you very much. In addition, I also want to know if I can get the electron information(such as the position and energy information ) generated by the ionization of alpha particles(using SRIM) because I want to simulate the avalanche of these electrons.

You can do something similar as in this example:

Thanks! I will try

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