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Dear ROOTers,

I’ve just stumbled about Eve, the new, fancy RooT event display. Looks really great to me!
Now I’m wondering how I can load a new geometry. Since I didn’t find anything appropriate in the GUI, I tried TEveManager::GetGeometry with one of the geometry .root files given in …tutorials/geom, but unfortunately it didn;t work so far. Is there anything simple that I’ve missed?

Many thanks,

Hi Oliver,

Eve provides minimal wrappers over TGeo geometries to allow their proper display in Eve GUI. See classes TEveGeoTopNode and TEveGeoNode. TEveGeoShape can be used to extract shapes for displaying simplified geometries.

I’ve attached two macros that load the ALICE geometry ( and insert different top-level nodes into eve.

geom_tpc.C (349 Bytes)
geom_its.C (348 Bytes)

Hello, Matevz,

it works. And it’s fast (I tried with the Atlas detector). Wow.
Very good work indeed.

Thanks a lot,