Again OSX 13.2 with Xcode 14.2 - now for v6.28/00?

Hi there,

For the new release v6.28/00, will there be a binary version for OSX 13.2, Xcode 14.2?

I see on:
6/28 downloads
macOS 13.1 x86_64 Xcode 14

which is NOT 13.2 and NOT Xcode 14.2.

Hi RD,

Thanks for pointing that out: the Xcode naming part doesn’t show the minor version; I will try to get that fixed. I can redo a binary with macOS 13.2 (it will still say “Xcode 14”). Did you see any issues with running the existing binary on macOS 13.2? Or is that a proactive worry? :wink:

Cheers, Axel

Hi Axel,

I am running 6.26/10 on 13.2 with Xcode 14.0, all is fine. The problem, usually as well as this case, is that new Xcode (and thus clang) versions don’t work with older built ones. So if the 13.2 build which says 140 is actually is 14.2, then I can test it. Olivier normally put 14.2 onto your build servers.

see you, RD

OK, all is fine: 6.29/01 works with Xcode 14.2. Tested…

thanks, RD

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