Advice on TSocket connection implementation

Dear all,
I’d like to draw some attention on a possibile bug (for which I have filed a bug report on jira : when trying to open a socket trough ROOT in recent root versions.
I am able to establish a connection trough the TSocket class (and, in the end the TSystem->OpenConnection() command) up to root 6.06.04.
I have tried both on mac and on unix architectures and when switching to root versions 6.07.07, 6.08.04 and 6.09.01 I fail to open a connection trough the very same command.

On the same laptop, just changing root from 6.06.04 to later versions changes the output of something like:
from a proper output to an error message.

As it seems that the TSocket (and other net classes) class is unchanged… This points in the direction of some change in the TSystem class handling … Has anything changed in ROOT btw 6.06.04 and later versions wrt how the network corrections have to be setup and established? Am I doing something wrong assuming that the gSystem->OpenConnection(“”,22001,-1,“tcp”) should behave in the same way across those different versions?