Adjusting error bars in a histogram

Hi ,
I am drawing a 1D histogram with error bars. By default , the error in the horizontal axis is set equal to the bin-width. I know we can reduce the size of this error bar by doing:


But my problem is that my histogram has different bin widths. So by using the above line, all the “x errors” are becoming a certain percentage of the binwidth which is giving a very strange look. Can I make it uniform ?

                           -thank you, Debdatta.

Set the error along X to 0 (anything else in your case does not make sense)


Hi Rene,
I dont want to set it 0, this is because I want to draw a rectangular shaded region instead of the error bars. If I set the x erorrs I wont be able to do this.

                                     -thanks Debdatta.