If I use TProof::AddInputData(…), how am I supposed to retrieve the object in the selector?



Hi Isidro,

This is supposed to be fully transparent, so the objects should be available in the input list ‘fInput’.
An example is in ‘test/stressProof.cxx’: the test PT_InputData uses the selector ‘tutorials/proof/ProofTests.C’ to test this; you can see that it just searches things in ‘fInput’ .

This said, there is an important fix if the input object is a TTree (or derivations) which I have just committed to the trunk, 5-32-00-patches and 5-30-00-patches (5-30-04 should appear in the forthcoming days).


The bug you just fixed explains why it would not work for me when I tried to go through fInput in the selector. Thanks Gerry for your answer,