Adding streamer information

I’ve created a new class VFGrid. It extends TH3. I’ve addeded the header file
as an attachment. I belive that I have done the proper thing for telling rootcint
to automatically create the streamer class. And indeed it does create a rather simple method, which does get called.

However, when I open the root file after doing a save my fields are not filled.
Any insights?
VFGrid.h (2.77 KB)

ClassDef(VFGrid, 0);The ‘0’ means, please do not store my class. Use ‘1’.


I was under the impression that the second argument in the ClassDef macro was version information for my class, So that is wrong?

It is indeed the ‘version information’. However since this information is mostly to be use for the persistency of your object we decided to give a special meaning to the value ‘0’. If you assign the version number 0 to your class this explicitly means (to ROOT) that you whole class is intended to be transient and thus will not be saved on disk.
If you want your class to be saved to disk you need to assign to your class a version number greater or equal to one.