Adding newline in legend entry

I’m trying to start a new line but it doesn’t seem to be working.
Here’s what I want my legend to look like:

with Geometry
Entries 3

std::stringstream result_stringstream;
result_stringstream << "with Geometry" << "\nEntries " << totalTrig;
//result_stringstream << "with Geometry" << endl << "Entries " << totalTrig;
string result_string = result_stringstream.str();
const char* result = result_string.c_str();
t1->AddEntry( nhit, result, “l”);

so the \n just gives me all on the same line:

with Geometry Entries 3

and endl gives all on the same line:

with GeometryEntries 3

Try with:
result_stringstream << "#splitline{with Geometry}{Entries " << totalTrig << "}";

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Oh my goodness! That did the trick :grin: Thank you @Wile_E_Coyote !