Adding class with dictionary triggers error with AClic

Dear experts,

I am running ROOT v 5.30.00 on lxplux with g++ 4.3 fopr SLC5.
I wrote a simple class with a makefile such that a shared library is created with ROOT dictionaries via rootcint.
The idea is to use this class both for standalone and for interaction with the CINT.
I tested it inside CINT (to write and read from a root file objects of type std::vector) and everything seems fine.

Now I want to use it in the analysis program, which is compiled via AClic; so what I do is include the class implementation, and then dynamically load the shared object:


and then read the root file in which I stored objects with std::vector; the script is compiled with AClic, and always craqsh with the following error:

after these errors, the library is not loaded, and other errors follow.

a std::map<std::string, MyObject> is already present in the class LinkDef.h file,but it seems that somehow the AClic cannot preperly handle the custom definition of pair… But this error shows at the very beginning:

so I have no idea where to try fixes.
I added pragma links also for std::pair<std::string, MyObject> and std::pair< const std::string, MyObject>, removed the #include “MyObject.h”, or added the path to look sources at:

the error is always the same.
Do you have any suggestions?

thank you in advance.

HI Federico,

I recommend that you try with v5.34/09. If you also see the problem with that version, please send us a complete running example to reproduce the problem.