Add std::cmath namespace to TFormula

Hi, the implementation (& documentation) for TFormula is very confusing.
It is difficult to remember what functions are actually implemented or not. I know TMath:: functions are all available, which is great, but then a bunch of functions which would be in are available without a namespace, but not all of them. For example I am able to use “fmod” but not “floor”. There seems to be no system for understanding why some functions are available or not (other than the implementer’s decision).

I am suggesting that all of the functions from be implemented in TFormula, and with a namespace prefix std::. This way users can use their existing knowledge of the C math library to know what functions are available, instead of having to look up the TFormula docs. If it is related to , then TFormula could also include the new functions available in C++11 like “remainder”:

It is also weird that the first thing that the TFormula docs tell you is the name and age of the implementer, is that really useful information for users? I understand Nicolas Brun is very proud of having coded this thing at a young age, but it is not useful documentation. Perhaps it fits better on a blog or in a personal diary.