Add cuts for tree in pyroot

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Hi all,
I want to add some cut when cloning a tree in pyroot:

         tree = rfile.Get(treeName)
         newtree = tree.CloneTree()

Here you can see that, I got a tree. Then I want to add some cuts to slim it, like “Pt > 50”, then clone a slimmed tree.
Is there a simple way to do this?
Thank you very much for your time!


I would use RDataFrame:

Basically you would need to do

df = ROOT.RDataFrame("tree_name", "file_name.root")
df.Filter("Pt > 50").Snapshot("tree_name", "new_file.root")

After that you can open the new file and get the tree (and clone it if you want).

Thanks a lot! Yes, it is a good idea!

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